Our progress


November 8, 2018

This past weekend, we competed in Startup Weekend, a local pitch competition. At this competition, we featured the first prototype of our new speaker made with the support of Aiwa by proving our concept and allowing us to make speakers from the hardware of their returns. Although we did not win, we managed to pick up several new team members with a very diverse background, and many new connections which will support us in our projects. During and after the competition, several people including the judges themselves, approached us to buy our speakers. We’re very excited to unleash our product to the market as soon as possible!

October 28, 2018

This past week, we completed our prototype speaker utilizing all hardware from the Aiwa Exos 9. This speaker is the final piece for our “proof of concept” to be presented at future pitch and business model competitions such as Start-Up Weekend and the Burgess New Venture Challenge. This prototype will also serve as our template for future speakers of the same type in different architectures and environments.

Prototype speaker.jpg